“After a number of difficult life events descended on me all at once and the process of coping became all too much, I became stressed and depressed and was on a downward spiral. I was invited to be part of Joe’s training programme as a case study and to try Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Joe my therapist was extremely helpful on adjusting my outlook on life offering me coping skills she effectively explained how to change my thinking by setting goals and tasks which were completed both in therapy and at home. The pace of the sessions were self-dictated and as I progressed I could see the old, more positive “me" emerging. Joe is a skilled Cognitive Hypnotherapist with a kind and empathetic manner. She helped me greatly and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Mandy, London

“I felt really comfortable with
Joe from our first session. She has helped me with my anxiety and confidence in just a few sessions, using tools that I can still continue to use myself. I truly appreciate
all of Joe's help.”

 Heather, East London

I truly believe that Cognitive Hypnotherapy can work with individuals across a broad range of issues. Having been treated myself by a fellow Cognitive Hypnotherapist during and since my own training, I have gained more self-confidence and overcome a life-long phobia. If you’d like to know how Cognitive Transformations has helped past clients you may like to hear other people’s experiences:


"I can't thank you enough for all the help and tools you've given me...my life is so much better and I can see a bright future ahead now the black cloud I once carried around with me all the time has gone and I know I will be a success."

F.J Leicestershire

“I was asked if I would consider taking part in Joe’s training and of course I said yes. I have no regrets in my decision as Joe showed considerable dedication and enthusiasm.  She is an extremely good listener and genuinely enjoys engaging with people and cares about helping them with their problems. I have only positive things to say about Joe. Most importantly, I believe, she has a very cheerful and engaging personality. Being part of Joe’s programme has been invaluable. I recommend her without the slightest reservation”

J.B London

Now you have read some of the positive experiences that other people have had, why not contact me  to start your own transformation.

"Joe helped me overcome my addiction to smoking. She provided me with a trusted Cognitive Hypnotherapy technique whereby I replaced my desire for a cigarette with a happy and healthy image. From then on, every time I craved a cigarette, I replaced the craving with this image Joe helped me to focus on. Joe's approach was very effective and her manner professional and empathetic. I would definitely see Joe again, would highly recommend her to others in a similar predicament."

Susie, Shrewsbury

Joe Rigby - Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Leicestershire

Email: Joe@cognitivetransformations.co.uk

Tel: 07528753526